Get the most out of your training sessions. This performance recovery infusion helps to maximize muscle growth, supports muscle recovery, and improves circulation and stamina. With Fuel your muscles will have everything they need to grow and be better prepared for your next workout.


Sterile Water
Amino acid
Lactated ringer
Magnesium Sulfate

Best For

When you’re in need of a recovery session, especially after any strenuous athletic or mentally grueling activity. Whether recovery is required from muscle & joint pain, general body aches and pain, stress relief, or even after a busy work schedule to recharge. Maximize Recovery and Performance.

How Often

We recommend during intense workout periods FUEL 3 times over a 7 day period for complete muscle rehabilitation.

Pair With

Pair your FUEL IV infusion with a SLIM QUICK booster.
SLIM QUICK will boost your body's metabolism, muscle and body rejuvenation experience, energy and burn stubborn fat stores.


As a college athlete, recovery is the most important part of training. I decided to try a new way of recovery and was amazed by the results. I received a FUEL drip and I was able to feel my muscle fatigue and soreness slowly dissipate every minute during my infusion. The instantaneous result of the IV isn’t even the best part, it’s the longevity of it! I pushed through high-intensity work outs for over a week after!

I was feeling ill, coming down with a cold and dehydrated so I went in for an IV. I was instantly energized, felt stronger and my cold was gone in 2 days. I highly recommend Restore Me IV for the treatments and excellent service.

I’ve personally had drip sessions and can attest to how good you feel after!