We intend to transform health and wellness and incorporate an alternative means of preventing illness, enhancing performance and recovery, boosting energy, and fueling our bodies with the basic vitamin compounds they need. We want to educate and involve each client in the IV nutrition process. Therefore, creating an experience that nourishes the mind, body and soul.


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Feeling sluggish, sick, hungover, need a detox, tired of dull skin, diminished sex drive or just an energy boost? We offer 13 customized drips to meet your health needs.

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Visit our website to schedule your infusion online and the select a treatment targeted to your body’s needs.

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A licensed registered nurse or nurse practitioner will painlessly administer your treatment within 45 minutes or less. Feel recharged and renewed immediately!

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contactus@restoremeiv.com A licensed practitioner can help you choose from one of our various pre-formulated therapeutic infusions to optimize specific wellness needs.

All vitamins are manufactured in the US and independently tested.


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We are located inside of Mason Street Strength in Greenwich CT. Our goal is to provide customized IV infusions to help clients feel their best in a variety of different ways. From basic health maintenance to hangovers, our customized drips get you to your healthiest you.

Under direction of our medical directors, our licensed health care professionals will provide you with safe and effective care. Whether in our convenient spa-like locations or the comfort and privacy of your own home, we strive to deliver hydration therapy when you need it most.



As a college athlete, recovery is the most important part of training. I decided to try a new way of recovery and was amazed by the results. I received a FUEL drip and I was able to feel my muscle fatigue and soreness slowly dissipate every minute during my infusion. The instantaneous result of the IV isn’t even the best part, it’s the longevity of it! I pushed through high-intensity work outs for over a week after!

I was feeling ill, coming down with a cold and dehydrated so I went in for an IV. I was instantly energized, felt stronger and my cold was gone in 2 days. I highly recommend Restore Me IV for the treatments and excellent service.

I’ve personally had drip sessions and can attest to how good you feel after!